The reason for this page…

 Blue for Jackson came from the idea of wanting to raise awareness of car park dangers especially for young children and families.


Jackson’s story reached out to so many people. We received messages from all around the world sending condolences and sharing stories of similar accidents or could have beens. There are so many dangers which we face on a daily basis. Parents are warned of cot death, choking, car seat safety and countless dangers around the home. It can all be so overwhelming.

We want to help include children in learning about car park dangers and road safety, for families to work together. Teaching them to use parking pal magnets to keep them next to the car, reading our safety book “Cars are big and i am small” aimed at 2-7 year olds to explain in a simple picture book how dangerous car parks can be.

Keeping awareness in the front of everyone’s minds as we go from being the pedestrians to the drivers when we use a car park.