The story of Parking Pal

After Jackson’s accident i researched into road accidents involving small children and stumbled across an American website called Parking Pal. I messaged Denise who runs this small business and told her our story, she was shocked and saddened about Jackson and was very happy to help in any way she could.

I decided to purchase some of the Parking Pals to see if it was something that people would be interested in using within the UK. Even though it is still early days we have had amazing feedback.

The simple idea is using a brightly coloured magnetic disk which attaches to your car giving your child a visual aid to stand safely next to the car while in the dangerous surroundings of a car park. It is easily detachable to change between cars and there is a choice of designs to fit the personality of the child.

As a charity i want Blue for Jackson to focus on a forgotten area of road safety. While there is lots of media attention on speeding and drink driving, accidents can also easily happen in a car park or on a quiet street which children see no dangers.

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