Parking Pal



The simple idea is using a brightly coloured magnetic disk which attaches to your car, giving your child a visual aid to stand safely next to the car while in the dangerous surroundings of a car park.

Why is it needed? Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or whoever is caring for a child, can be easily distracted whether it be loading or unloading shopping, rifling for keys, sorting out the baby or helping elderly parents can take precious attention away from our children leaving them vulnerable to a number of dangerous situations.

Other drivers maybe cant see them when backing out of a space, they could be distracted by a mobile phone or the child could be in a blind spot. And children, well they don’t always do as they are told or stay where they should. It only takes a second for tragedy to strike as we well know.











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The magnets are made of soft magnet material and are easily removable from your car with no damage or marks.


Reviews of the Parking Pal magnet

“My little girl responds really well to her parking pal which keeps her safe in potential dangerous environments. Thanks you for this great idea” – Melissa Jane


“Absolutely amazing, very simple and effective idea to teach road safety to young children. Very appreciative of what you are doing given the circumstances which have caused it to have arisen. #superjackson” – Sarah Wood


“Absolutely fantastic! Both sticker and book are amazing quality! Such an inspiration to everyone out there the strength shown and the determination to get word out there about car and road safety! If anyone is sat on the fence about buying these all I will say is do it! You won’t ever regret it” –  Lauren Shipley


“On Sunday I took my 3yr old niece Ivy to Seaton Carew. Ivy has been using Parking Pal for around four months now. I’d forgotten to take it with us on Sunday(bad aunty) however she assured me she was fine by standing by the car with her hand in place, whilst I got the stuff we needed from the boot.
Ivy then spotted a dad instructing his kids to stay by the car whilst he got a ticket. She insisted we go tell the dad about the ‘Hand’ (Ivy’s words) so that the kids were safe in the car park like she was.
We did speak to the dad and Ivy was very keen to tell him all about road safety. and how important ‘the Hand’ is. We showed him and his kids your Facebook page and he was impressed and thanked Ivy for caring for his kids.
Parking Pals are just fabulous thank you all for the work your doing” – Kelly Thornhill


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